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Travel to the Amazonas region and visit: Museum of Leymebamba

If you want to learn more about northern Peru’s Chachapoya culture, this is the museum to visit. What are you waiting for?

5 landmarks of Cusco

Machu Picchu? Nope, not on this list. There’s more to this southeastern region than the Inca citadel, just take look.

Central Peru 0 Comments

5 must-visit places in Huancayo

As the capital of the Juní­n region, Huancayo has much to offer visitors inside and outside of the city. Which sites have you visited? (All Photos: Noelina Rissman/Living in Peru)

Southern Peru 0 Comments

A Butterfly Across Peru: Colca Canyon

What is it like to travel alone down the world’s deepest canyon? Let this Italian adventure seeker tell you.

Live a different experience sleeping in these domes in Lima

Want to spend a night in a dome in Lima enjoying nature? Pariacaca Camp is the hot spot to do just that!(Photos: Pariacaca Camp)

5 landmarks of Lima

Hopefully you’re able to take advantage of the long weekend, thanks to the APEC conference. If you’re in the capital city, be sure to check out these 5 landmarks. What would you add to the list?

Brunch is in

A bevy of restaurants and cafes in Lima are jumping on the midday breakfast bandwagon. Here's our diner's guide for the weekend.

6-pack for a barbecue

It’s time to dust off those grills and organize a culinary reunion with friends and family. Here are some tips for pairing a cold brew with your barbecue fare.

Restaurant reviews 1 Comment

Restaurant review: La Cochera de la Abuela

Looking for that place where everyone knows your name? Try out some traditional Peruvian barbecue served to you in the lovely district of La Punta.

Recipe: Campari IPA Spritzer

Use the hot weather here in Peru as the perfect excuse to cool down with this creative and easy-to-make cocktail.

Restaurant reviews 1 Comment

Restaurant review: Ventarron Restaurante Chiclayano & Barra

Located in the Barranco district of Lima, this new restaurant is a worthwhile destination for those in search of authentic cuisine from Chiclayo.

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Restaurant review: El Gran Combo

Can’t decide on just one plate? Taste a variety, at El Gran Combo, your soon-to-be favorite lunch spot in Miraflores.

In Honor of Chapecoense

Tragedy seems to provide humanity with the opportunity to come together, and it was certainly no different with the recent plane crash, fatal for nearly an entire soccer team.

Do you speak English?

A native Peruvian returns to his homeland after many years abroad, and brings with him his story of falling in love with English and the culture of language learning in Peru.

5 things about the Inca Empire

There are many factors that differentiated the Incas from other cultures. How many of these facts did you already know? (Text by Eduardo Rivera)

US Expats and IRAs: (Almost) Everything you need to know

Have you thought of beginning or perhaps improving your Individual Retirement Account? Here are some simple tips to do so while living abroad.

Having trouble finding a tradesman in Peru?

Dconfianza, a new online platform, has launched in hopes to connect people and solve problems. What task do you need help accomplishing?

Better Person Tomorrow: Save some for the fishes

Water is everyone’s business, so what practices can each of us implement in order to conserve this thirst-quenching natural resource?