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PHIMA Voyages: Private Nature Reserve of Chaparri

Voyage through dry forests, view rescued animals and animals in their natural habitats; become a part of an experience where the whole community is involved. Find out how.

Seldom Visited Places Series 2: Pikillacta

In this series of Seldom Visited Places, find out Lyle Walker’s next best kept secret of the Sacred Valley. Can you believe that it is pre-Inkan?

The Camino Inca Urquillos on Foot: You will Feel Like a Local!

Inca ruins, waterfalls, eucalyptus groves, tranquility, all downhill, and a massive river to cross at the end. What more could you ask for in a hiking trail?

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What kind of adventure are you looking for? (PHOTOS)

Vamos suggests 5 places to explore in Peru. Have you been to any of them?

Huarocondo: A place to enjoy true local hospitality

Take a trip off the beaten track and immerse yourself in sun-drenched fields of quinoa and views of the Andes that will take your breath away.

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7 free things to do in Arequipa

Arequipa is must-see stop in Peru, and Vamos Peru has released a list of 7 free activities to enjoy while you’re there. Which ones would you suggest?

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Restaurant review: OSSO Carnicería y Salumeria

“Osso is a paradise for carnivores”, need we say more?

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Restaurant review: La Cuadra de Salvador

Its fine cut meats and cocktails offer an unforgettable experience in the Montero Bernales home. Enjoy the food and evening on their perfect terrace.

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Restaurant review: El Kapallaq

Quality seafood dishes prepared with a commitment to sustainability and love for the ocean are found at this restaurant with over two decades of experience.

The Peruvian Army’s Pachacutec Bread

Have you heard of the Army’s latest innovative (and edible) idea to aid those stricken by natural disasters?

Beer stewarding in the Sacred Valley

A week-long craft beer competition held in the Eden of Peru, the Sacred Valley, resulted in one Peruvian brewery being named best of the competition. Can you guess which one?

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Restaurant Review: Seitan Urban Bistro

This plant-based restaurant celebrates Peru’s diversity of native crops, and opens our eyes to how easy and fun it can be eating meat-free in Lima.

Living Strong Abroad: The Why Behind it All

We have learned about “what” Strengths are but “why” are they important?

5 Events to Attend this Week

We’ve decided to mix and match this week’s events, take a look and see what interests you.

Eduardo Fossa: Illustrations from the soul

The famous artist and teacher reveals to us his secrets to success in this exclusive interview.

Yunza Traditions: A Tree Full of Presents

The celebration marks the end of the Carnaval festivals in Peru. What in the world is a yunza?

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Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch I’m back in Peru after 10 days in Denmark and have learned so many new things. I want

Conversations with Latin American Art Legend Fernando de Szyszlo: Part Two

Between the Surreal, the Abstract and the Human, an exclusive interview with the Peruvian Art icon Fernando de Szyszlo continued.