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Lima: A must-see route to immerse yourself in history

In its 482-year of foundation, Lima proves it still has much to offer the public. Although time progresses, it has not lost its essence. (All photos: El Comercio)

7 apps and websites to make traveling more sustainable and fun

There’s more to sustainability than recycling, but it’s just as easy with these apps in the palm of your hand.

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Travel to the Amazonas region and visit: Huamanpata Lake

This is one place in Peru you’ll want to visit during the rainy season, when the lake and the surrounding area really show off.

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Caleta San José: a beautiful hidden destination in Arequipa

This breathtaking destination is surrounded by beaches, some of which are considered the most beautiful in Peru.

5 of Peru's best destinations to enjoy as a family

Pack your bags and get your family ready for 5 of the best destinations to enjoy some great adventures

10 best travel apps

Many people like to travel, but it is not always easy to plan a trip. Luckily, technology offers us more and more possibilities to manage our itinerary and access information. Which of these apps do you use?

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Restaurant review: Caplina

Settled into their new Miraflores location, Caplina sticks with their flagship dishes and adds a few surprises. Suspiro de aji amarillo, anyone?

Foodie Heaven in Lima, Peru

A European food enthusiast and blogger reveals her favorite dishes and experiences from her recent stay in Peru’s capital.

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Restaurant review: Wallqa

A young chef leads a team of Lima Cordon Bleu graduates to achieve a menu and service that is fresh, bold, and sophisticated.

Chilcano Week 2017: Where to go for a refreshing drink

Beginning today, Chilcano Week is a sure way to keep your summer cool. Here are some of our top picks in Lima.

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A guide to living vegan in Lima

These six eateries are worth a shot, whether you lead an animal product-free lifestyle, or want to try something new.

The Chilcano and the upcoming Chilcano Week

There are plenty of renditions of this Peruvian cocktail, however, as this author argues, a classic should stay classic.

Peru and the U.S. must unite to combat illegal logging

With intense repercussions not only for Peru but for the entire global ecosystem, greater international attention must be given to this crime.

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Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch What is “hygge”? Hygee is the most important word in Danish after ‘love’ and, according to investigators, researchers,

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Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch Greetings from Lima, Peru! First of all, I’d like to thank you all for your support and interest

What are we in for in 2017?

It’s that time of year where resolutions, of individuals and nations, are tested.

Summer 2017: Activities for kids

Just because school’s out doesn’t mean you can’t continue to learn during this hot season. What’ll be on the agenda for your little ones this summer?

2016's Top Blogs from LIP Contributors

This year Living in Peru received great material from new contributors from all over the world. Was your article selected?