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13 free activities you can enjoy in Cusco

Cusco is one of the most magical and historical cities of Peru. Here is a guide of different activities you can do in the historic center without spending a dime (or sol). (Photos:Shutterstock/Facebook)

Manco Cápac and Maukallaqta

Depending on where you hear the story – Puno or Cusco – the origin of the first Inca will vary. Which story do you prefer?

6 huacas you should visit to know the history of Lima

If you’re interested in learning about the city’s history, this is the right guide for you. (Photos: El Comercio)

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Old meets new: Fishing and surfing on horses in Huanchaco

These little reed horses are full of history and making waves with yearly competitions along the coast of Northern Peru.

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The Gringos' Road

Why is this route considered a must for tourists? Take a look.

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What do 21 days in Peru look like? (VIDEO)

After a group of friends traveled to Peru for 3 weeks, they made a beautiful compilation video of their adventures titled ‘Chasing Peru’.

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Restaurant review: La Locanda

If you are looking for a luxury, fine dining experience, you will definitely find it at La Locanda.

Paiche: Peruvian food in Portland, Oregon

How far has Peruvian food traveled? In the Northwestern United States’ City of Roses you can find a Peruvian eatery to satisfy your cravings like ceviche and chaufa.

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Restaurant review: Maido

This gastronomical fusion between Peruvian and Nikkei cuisine will leave you enchanted with every flavor, from start to finish.

Ready for a true Mai Tai? (Recipe)

Summer is on our mind, and the tip of our tongue with this tropical drink. Treat yourself and do it right.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Arroz con pollo

From mid September to mid October, the US celebrates all diverse Hispanic cultures. There’s one dish that transcends all Latin countries however, and that’s chicken with rice.

Malena Martínez and the importance of knowing about what we eat

The manager of Central restaurant, Malena Martí¬≠nez, travels throughout Peru to investigate what grows in its soil.

World Ayahuasca Conference to be held in Brazil

The conference, now in its second edition, follows the first that took place in Ibiza, Spain, in 2014.

Peru prepares to host APEC Summit 2016

The event is just months away, and big names have already RSVP’d. So what’s in store for Peru this November?

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Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch Last week my team interviewed and published an article about Dr. Luis Vasquez, a successful Peruvian doctor who

The Stories We Write

Only a writer can make a mortal become immortal when pen is put to paper, as this author finds out on his latest travel.

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Cuso International: Christophe Massamba

Having worked in a number of roles in France and Canada, passion for Latin American eventually led this skilled professional to Peru.

An exclusive interview with John Price is key feature of Mining & Investment special report 2016

A thought-provoking interview with John Price forms the centrepiece of the Mining & Investment Special Report, a document being produced for distribution to the attendees at the Mining & Investment Latin America Summit 2016.