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Sierra Andina's inaugural marathon: Santa Cruz Trail

Presented by sportswear brand Columbia, one of Peru’s leading craft breweries is putting on a race for the adventurous.

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A Butterfly Across Peru: Stories from Pacaya-Samiria

There’s plenty to see in the Amazon even during the so-called off-season. Just take a look.

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Get to Chachapoyas, Amazonas in less than 6 hours

Did you know that starting October 2016 there will be direct flights with LATAM from Lima to Jaen?

Gea Lodge: A grand escape in Aguas Calientes

Looking for the greatest nature escape during your stay in Cusco? Try out the Gea Lodge.

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Aranwa's Enchanted Village in Colca

This getaway in Colca Canyon is worth the trek.

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Restaurant review: Chez Philippe

A cozy French restaurant invites you to take a gastronomical trip out of Peru with unique plates and tasty beers.

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Restaurant review: La Verde Bio-factoria

If you're into healthy eating and small, cozy restaurants, La Verde is the place for you.

Union Central Coffee: The space central Lima was missing

The restaurant, cafe, and cultural center is reviving downtown one perfect espresso and mini concert at a time.

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Restaurant review: Bao?

This huarique offers a different proposal for Limeños in need of a quick bite or late night recharge.

Craft Beer Sessions: Not one fewer than fourteen

TomandoAltura’s José Castro lends us his list of 5 favorite national beers from this past weekend’s beer fest.

Delivery Review: Bocadio

Living in Peru gave this delivery service a shot, and soon after added their number to speed dial.

Who was Santa Rosa de Lima?

Many of us who live in Peru don’t have to work today, and we have her to thank.

5 Great Peruvian Women

There’s an endless list, but these are 5 that stood out to us. Who would be in your top 5?

Learning to Love [in] a Second Language

What’s love got to do with writing in a second language? Let this Peruvian share his take.

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Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch Last week I spent a few hours together with our tour guides that operate in Cusco and Machu

Peru Yoga Festival

International yogis will be coming to Barranco, Lima for a two-day event full of stretching, meditation, and munching on some macrobiotic snacks.

Cuso International: Betsy's story

This native Venezuelan and naturalized Canadian is implementing projects and workshops to combat domestic violence in Peru.