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La Ruta Aymara: Puno's best route to Titicaca

Inhabitants of the Andean plateau of Lake Titicaca are very attached to their traditions and enjoy a unique lifestyle in a magical setting. This gallery intends to give some recommendations while taking the Aymara route.

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Travel to the Amazonas region and visit: Huembo

Take a trip to northern Peru for a chance to spot the famous yet endangered Spatuletail hummingbird in Huembo.

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Prettiest open-air hotels in Peru (PHOTOS)

These two Peruvian hotels are located outdoors and manage to combine elegance, creativity and comfort. Which one would you prefer?

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Kuelap: The Machu Picchu of the north (PHOTOS)

Kuelap, a walled city in the Amazonian Andes of northern Peru, is waiting to be discovered. Have you visited it?

The Sacred Valley: Getting there

What’s your preferred way to travel: taking the scenic route or opting for something economic? There’s no wrong way when your final destination is the Sacred Valley.

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Carnivals in Peru (PHOTOS)

Take a look at some of the most famous carnivals in Peru, from Puno to Cajamarca, and even Iquitos. Have you been to any? Which one is your favorite?

Just another Peruvian food story?

Where does the name ‘Papa a la Huancaina’ originate from? This British expat lists the Top 5 Most Interesting Food Stories she’s heard in Peru.

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Restaurant review: Café et Chocolat

High-quality coffee, desserts filled with fine chocolate, and a menu that highlights exclusive ingredients make this a pleasant spot to know.

Puno to host World Congress on Quinoa

The international conference aims to promote the grain not only as a product to global markets, but as a way to reduce poverty and hunger in Peru’s Andes.

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Restaurant Review: Avenida Brasil Gourmet

If you’re looking for homestyle Brazilian classics like feijoada, or trendy and undeniably refreshing aí§aí­ bowls, there’s no need to hop the border.

Pisco's Ours

Do Peruvians approve of Pisco Sours made by expats? One of the Expat Pisco Sour Competition judges shares his thoughts on the good, the bad, and the overly cinnamon enhanced.

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Restaurant review: Osteria Convivium

Revamped and re-energized, this sophisticated restaurant offers Italian food with a few American twists.

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Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch I’ve recently decided to disconnect from the city life, so this past week I’ve been “living” at the

Victor Rojas: "Peru birthed me, New York raised me"

This Peruvian expat and professional artist has caught our eye, from an appearance in “La La Land,” to sharing the stage with Lady Gaga. What’s his story?

5 healthy workshops to attend in Lima

Though it may seem frightening, stepping out of the box can take you in a calming, positive direction. Which of these upcoming events would you most like to attend?

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Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch Happy Belated Friends Day, also called Valentine’s Day among lovers. Yes, Tuesday, February 14, was and always will

Understanding Peruvian myths

“That cold water will give you a sore throat!” What myths and beliefs have you heard from family members?

Living Strong Abroad: Adjusting to a new country

A strengths coach describes her experience immersing herself as much as possible into the culture of Peru by using her top 5 strengths.