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VIDEO: The party at Saci

The cocktail party at Saci brought together over a hundred members of our community to share good wine and delicious food.

Photo of the Day: Matteo Pwns Machu Picchu

By Luis Alberto Rizzo Almeida

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Marie Meyer recommends…El Virrey bookstore

Even though she has a Kindle, Marie Meyer can’t seem to stay away from the new El Virrey bookstore in Miraflores

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Lima's Mistura: Get ready for this year's fair

In less than two weeks, the most important food event in Peru- and maybe the world- will begin. Find out all you need to know about this year’s edition of Mistura.

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For Peru's airlines, a turbulent month

Even as Peruvian Airlines takes off again, it seems that change is likely to come to Peru’s aviation sector

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Getting the news in Peru

Larry has had a life-long love affair with newspapers, and moving to Lima did nothing to change that.

Peru's Real Felipe fortress has history and ghosts

On the coast of Lima’s port district, Callao, the Real Felipe fortress has a macabre history and a ghostly atmosphere.