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Don Juan in a cemetery

The classic Spanish play of love, sex, vengeance and morality is enjoying a short run at one of Lima’s most historic cemeteries.

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How Peru sees the U.S. and the U.S. sees Peru

Distorted by the media, Peruvians have a strange perception of the U.S. and Americans have a strange view of Peru.

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Peru's farmers bet on revival of red quinoa

Working with USAID, farmers have started growing red quinoa, a crop that offers incredible nutritional properties.

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Lima, Peru voted Top Food & Drink Destination

Frommer's travel guide picked Lima as its Top Food & Drink Destination of 2012.

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Cicciolina, a must-visit Cusco restaurant

Cicciolina is one of Cusco’s most-beloved restaurants, and the perfect spot for a meal, a snack or a drink.

Photos of the Week: Fantastic Sunsets

Photos sent in by our readers.

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Te quiero té: Lima's new spot for tea

Check out this new haven for tea-lovers.

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Peru: first-time report to explore country's bid to expand tourism industry

Regional sites earmarked for development as government prepares to decentralise sector.