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Living in Peru's cloud cocoa land

Columnist Andrew Bruton talks about how he ended up building a hostel and organic farm in the jungle near Machu Picchu

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Bolivian airline BoA to begin special flights to Lima in December

The airline plans to fly to Lima four times a week: on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at noon.

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Off the tourist trail in Pucallpa

Pucallpa receives few foreign visitors, but it’s a great gateway to the jungle.

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Five amazing fruits from the Peruvian jungle

The Peruvian Amazon is the origin of some pretty amazing fruit. We look at five of them.

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Interview: José Koechlin, king of Peru's jungle

José Koechlin, the man behind Inkaterra, talks about Peru’s tourism industry, the jungle, making movies with Werner Herzog and visits from Mick Jagger.

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Rafting the Amazon: One of nature's wonders

We celebrate Peru’s Natural Wonder by taking a look at its greatest race.

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Santo Pez moves in on Lima's ceviche row

Fish-worshippers will want to head to the restaurant’s new location on Av. La Mar in Miraflores.

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Peru in the spotlight after Lord of Qoyllurit’i recognition

The pilgrimage of the Lord of Qoyllurit'i has been named part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity