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Video: Novalima introduces their latest album Karimba

Watch our exclusive interview with Rafael Morales and Ramón Peréz Prieto of Novalima, plus photos of their concert at La Noche in Barranco.

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The top 10 stories of 2011

Which news stories most impacted Peru this year? Which stories created buzz for Peru around the world? Read on to get our Top 10 list.

Peru: a better location for backpackers every year

Luxury hotels get all the publicity, but Peru has also seen a boom in the number of places catering to backpackers.

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Friterie Belga: A deep-fried slice of Belgium in Peru

Looking for the perfect fries, the best Belgian food, or (soon) Belgian-style beer? Check out this Miraflores spot!

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Titi Guiulfo: a creative force renewed

After triumphing in various personal battles, Titi Guiulfo renews herself with ‘La Casa de Titi’, a home for artists and designers.

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If I had never moved to Peru…

Larry thinks about all the things he would have missed out on if he had never come to Peru

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The music of an AfroAndina Christmas (plus: free music download!)

Download a free song from the AfroAndina Christmas album. One lucky winner will win the whole album.

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Apu Productions: behind some of the biggest productions shot in Peru

Apu Productions has helped bring about shoots for Jeopardy, Anthropologie and the biggest Bollywood movie, Edhiran, in Peru. Read our interview with Bruno Canale, founder and producer of Apu.