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A bar hop in Lima's center

Kay Kemmet describes her nocturnal exploration of Lima’s historic center.

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Peru: When the media doesn't listen

As Peru’s media reports the violence in Espinar, it must confront the fact that it has failed a fundamental responsibility.

Peru: 80 Xstrata employees held hostage- Update: company rep. denies kidnapping

At least 80 workers from the Xstrata mining company have been held hostage by 500 protestors, according to Congressman Octavio Salazar.

Peru: Espinar mayor arrested, after violent protests in the region

The mayor of Espinar, Oscar Mollohuanca, was arrested on Wednesday,and is under investigation for the alleged use of public resources to fund protests.

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Lima: You call this tranquil?

Larry is often told that he moved to Lima for the peace-and-quiet. He begs to differ.

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Cusco expects 180,000 tourists during month-long celebrations

About 180,000 domestic and foreign tourists are expected to visit Cusco in southeastern Peru during the festival-packed Jubilee month of June, a local tourism official has said.

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Peru to promote bird-watching in Pomac Forest

A new initiative is hoping to bring bird-watchers to the forests of northern Peru.

Peru: tensions rise at Espinar, after death toll climbs to 4

Espinar Mayor Oscar Mollohuanca said police officers had shot at protestors point-blank.