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Superchef: Peru finally has its culinary superhero

Forget super powers. He solves provlems with a magic ladle and lomo saltado.

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250-thousand piece Lego Machu Picchu on display in London

A 250 thousand-piece Lego model of the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu has been put on display on the streets of London.

Machu Picchu bans street vendors

The Municipality of Machu Picchu announced Wednesday it was banning informal street vendors from the district.

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Young Peruvian is a standout in U.S. tennis

She’s only 13, but Dominique Schaefer is already dominating U.S. tennis ranking and winning major tournaments.

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Peru: A day in Spanish and only Spanish

Peru has another idea for how to master the Spanish language.

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Cuarto del Rescate to be restored in Cajamarca

The room that Atahualpa filled with gold, one of the last remnants of the Inca empire in Cajamarca, is ready to restoration work.

Visit them now: endangered attractions in Peru

As the local and global environments continues to undergo changes, these great Peruvian attractions could one day disappear.

Cusco's Inti Raymi festival draws thousands

The Inti Raymi – or festival of the sun- is an ancient ceremony that includes elaborate costumes, dancing and music.