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Peru's Jorge Chavez airport to serve 12.6 million passengers in 2012

The country’s main international and domestic air hub handled about 11.8 million passengers last year.

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The Peruvian Paradox – Part 1

How can Peru cope with such opposite forces such as having a successfully growing economy and a population that doesn’t trust its government? Can both sides of the equation sum up to a same number?

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Peru to receive 1.7 million tourists over Independence Day holidays

Peru's Deputy Minister of Tourism Claudia Cornejo estimated that the arrival of tourists will generate nearly US$200 in revenue.

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An unlikely tour guide in Peru's Sacred Valley

Kay Kemmet, an A student in Pre-Hispanic Peru, leads her mother on a series of adventures in the Sacred Valley.

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Peru in the Olympics: Big support and a good omen

Peru is sending a team of 17 to the 2012 London Olympics. Learn more about the team members, their sponsorship and their prospects in this series of articles.

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Lima: The street guys

See those guys loitering outside buildings? They serve a useful purpose- or many.

A beginner's guide to Lima

Even Lima old-timers might learn a few things from newcomer Max Brown’s first week in Lima.

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Railroad to link Iquitos with rest of Peru

For the first time, Iquitos will be linked to the rest of Peru by land.