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Peru: strong waves keep tourists away from Mancora beaches

The city of Máncora has warned residents and visitors to avoid beaches, after increased wave activity damaged several hotels and businesses in the area on Friday.

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Mistura 2012 preview: More space, more taste, more variety

Mistura gets bigger and better every year, and 2012 is no exception.

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Amor Amar: A posh, trendy restaurant that exemplifies modern Barranco

With its art gallery, meeting rooms and orchid shop, it’s clear that Amor Amar is more than just a fantastic restaurant; it’s the full Barranco experience.

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A journey through Peruvian literature

For Kay Kemmet, literature served as an introduction- both positive and negative- to Peru.

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How to adopt a pet in Lima, Peru

Looking for a four-legged friend in Lima? Find out how.

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Peru aims to reach 250 million with new ad campaign

Peru's new international ad campaign, 'ňúPeru, Empire of Hidden Treasures' is expected to reach millions of people this year, according to Deputy Minister of Tourism Claudia Cornejo.

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Yes, I have a guilty pleasure

Larry confesses a secret little addiction.

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Peru to promote tourism and exports with new Pisco Route

A new route is linking some of the country’s most itneresting vineyards, providing a great opportunity for pisco lovers.