Caral, a cradle of civilization on Peru's coast

As old as the pyramids of Egpyt, Caral was a cradle of human civilization on the coast, and now you can visit it just a few hours from Lima.

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Peru: hotel industry to invest US$25 million in Arequipa

The hotel sector plans to invest US$25 million in the construction of at least five luxury hotels in Peru’s southern Arequipa region, said Rafael Cornejo, head of Arequipa Hotel and Restaurants Association.

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Cumpanamá, the mysterious sacred stone of the Peruvian Amazon

Near Yurimaguas, the rock of Cumpanamá is the size of a house, glows like gold and is covered in undecifered photos.

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Over 99,000 tourists visit Colca Valley so far this year

A total of 99,339 Peruvian and foreign tourists have visited the Colca Valley in the southern Arequipa region so far this year, according to a local tourism official.

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A diner's tour of Surco Pueblo, Lima's old wine district

The traditional neighborhood of Surco Pueblo is a great destination for eating and drinking.

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Peruvian flavors of the past make a comeback

Some modern Peruvian chefs are bringing back the dishes of old.

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Cafe Cafe: A great view and a menu option for every taste

If you can manage to not get lost while you make your way through the 250-item menu at this Larcomar restaurant, you are sure to find a delicious meal to satisfy any craving.

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Peru's Amazon is a natural wonder. Now it's time to protect it.

The Amazon is a wonder, but for too long we have ignored its residents and their demands.