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Interview: Meet the real Larry Pitman

Victoria Lugovskaya sits down and picks the brain of Peru this Week’s longest-running columnist.

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Lima mayor Villarán: from La Parada to the recall election

Susana Villarán proved herself brave this week, writes Carlos Basombrí­o. Now she’ll have to do it again.

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In Peru, a sip of bourbon and baseball play-by-play

Is there anything you miss from home? Really, deeply, passionately miss?

Cuys, chicha and weaving: the traditional side of Peru's Sacred Valley

Adam Keller knew that he wasn’t getting into a traditional bus tour of the Sacred Valley. Instead, he got to see the authentic side of the region.

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Tarapoto, a jungle city full of flavor

Tarapoto is a place for food-lovers and nature-lovers, a place where the Peruvian jungle comes alive.

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Peru to host world’s highest marathon

Next month the Peruvian region of Pasco will host the Meseta del Bombón international marathon, which takes place 4,330 meters above sea level, considered to be the world's highest marathon.

Peru: vandals spray paint Cusco archaeological sites

Several of Cusco's archaeological sites have been spray painted by vandals in recent months, some of the markings, authorities say, have caused irreparable damage.

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Geisha, one of the world's most expensive coffees, is grown in Peru

It comes from Africa, it fetches some of the highest prices in the world, and it is grown right in Pasco.