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The curious Peruvian tradition of drinking hot chocolate in summer

Why do Peruvians drink hot chocolate almost exclusively during the summer? Tradition and globalization.

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Renaissance man Johnny Schuler offers upscale decadence at Key Club

This reservations-only restaurant offers privacy, impeccable service and high-quality drinks and food.

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Peruvian restaurants are among the best in the world, according to tourists

The restaurants from Peru received, on average, 4.24 points out of 5 on the travel portal TripAdvisor. The list is topped by Turkey and Mexico.

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Peru: The government's unfinished business and a complicated 2013

The government has lots of unfinished business, and if it backs up even more, 2013 will be very tough.

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The trouble with Peruvian television

Children spend up to 3 1/2 hours per day watching TV. Is this having a negative impact on them?

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The insiders and the outsiders

Sometimes people can’t relate when you talk about your life in Peru; they’re insiders.

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Peru's unique equatorial dry forests

The dry forests of northern Peru are unique in the world and provide a world of exploration for visitors.

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Hiking through the highlands of Lambayeque

A hike through the mountains of Motupe and Kañaris reveals traditional living cultures, unexpected rainforests and spectacular views.