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Salinas y Aguada Blanca Reserve: Arequipa's volcano park

A land of volcanic landscapes, wildlife and wetlands lies just outside the city of Arequipa.

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The largest photo of Machu Picchu ever created

The photograph allows viewer to see the Inca citadel in unprecedented detail.

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Lima's sandwich boom

As a snack, a fast lunch or a meal at night, the sandwich, in all of its many presentations, prevails in Peru’s capital.

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La Ladrillera: From bricks to food

A young entrepreneur learned how to eliminate contamination and create a gastronomic experiment in an inherited brickyard.

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La 73 Paradero Gourmet adds quirky twists to Peruvian classics

The chef of this stylish Barranco restaurant says he wants customers to get a different perception of Peruvian food and to enjoy the “visually pornagraphic” presentations.

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Lima Fashion Week sets trends for the Peruvian summer

This event attracted some of the top designers from around the country and even included a special guest from Spain.

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Peru's banks charge you for breathing their air

Long lines, outrageous fees, secret fees…Morten Bruun Jensen has had enough of Peru’s banks.

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Tiger's Milk Records: Bringing vintage Peruvian music to the world

Martin Morales, owner of Ceviche in London, had a long career in music and has decided to start releasing on records the Peruvian music popular with his restaurant’s customers.