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Thousands to witness 2013 Dakar Rally in Peru

The 2013 Dakar Rally is expected to attract thousands of spectators this January, as drivers travel from Ica, into Arequipa, and into Tacna.

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Mistura 2013 to go high-end, may highlight algae

Bernardo Roca Rey previews some of the changes for the 2013 edition of Mistura.

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Best new restaurant in Hong Kong is Peruvian, says Time Out

According to the magazine Time Out Hong Kong, Chicha is the “hotspot of the year“ for 2012.

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Kojyu: Asian flavors from a Peruvian perspective

This boutique Miraflores restaurant specializes in cuisine from all over Asia, adding nods to Peru’s own gastronomy.

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Saying farewell to Lima

After nearly a year in Lima, Kay Kemmet says goodbye to the city she has grown to love.

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Peru, Chile and their fish: what's at stake at The Hague

Nick Rosen argues that whoever wins the ruling at The Hague, we should be rooting for a sensible fishing policy.

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A Christmas story from Larry

Larry recalls the best gift he ever gave, and the best gift he ever received.

Cusco river rafting accident leaves one tourist dead, another missing

Tourists say the tour guides took them on a river only meant for professionals.