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The campaign to save Lima's mayor is in trouble

Enrique Castillo argues that the “No” campaign is in trouble and needs a new message if it hopes to win in March.

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Peru's police are going to protect mines, not people

The interior ministry’s plan to tackle mining conflict is a terrible mistake, writes Nick Rosen.

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Fading anti-Americanism

Larry remembers a time when he would be insulted just walking down the street. Thankfully, that era has passed.

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New air route to connect Lima to Nazca and Cusco

A new route will connect Lima, Nazca, and Cusco by plane, in an effort to boost tourist activities in the region.

Leaving Peru: A journey to Antarctica

Feeling stressed-out, Carsten Korch took his family to the end of the world to find a quiet, beautiful spot to relax and reflect.

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Huanchaco, a beach with a history and a future

The beach at Huanchaco provides a place to soak up the sun, rub shoulders with visitors from around the world and enjoy a little history.

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The world press asks if the quinoa boom is good for Peru and Bolivia

Leading newspapers in the UK and Canada debate the consequences of the world’s appetite for quinoa.

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Factoria 1075: Affordable innovation with an urban vibe

The hip setting and creative dishes might just pull the Av. La Mar traffic over a block to Calle Mendiburu.