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World Stand Up Paddleboard Championships back on Peru’s coast

Miraflores is hosting the ISA World Standup Paddle and Paddleboard Championship for the second straight year. Come watch as a few local athletes try to earn a podium spot in the field dominated by Australians.

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Lima's absurd recall election

Why is Luis Castañeda campaigning to recall his own son? Because of the absurdity of Lima’s recall election.

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At the beach with Hogar San Francisco in Lima

Dr. Tony spends 365 days of the year taking care of some of Peru’s most helpless children. This week and his kids from Hogar San Francisco enjoyed a day in the sun.

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In Lima, learning to live with a lucuma tree

Larry had never seen a lucuma tree before. Now, he is good friends with one. But like any friendship, this one has its ups and downs.

Peru: Rains destroy bridge leading to Machu Picchu

On Tuesday torrential rains in the valley of La Convencion, in the region of Cusco, destroyed two bridges, which were used to reach Machu Picchu by foot.

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In Puno, on the trail of Peru's best coffee

In the jungle of Puno, small raccoon-like creatures eat and excrete the beans that make for Peru’s best coffee.

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Arequipa prepares to open Vargas Llosa's library to the public

A colonial home will house the 30,000 books and personal papers donated by the Nobel Prize winner.

Lima Day Trip: Catacombs of San Francisco

Deep beneath Historic Lima you’ll find a world of skull and bones when you explore the Catacombs of San Francisco.