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Things I've learned in Peru: Family matters

While Larry could host his American family reunion in a small room, his wife’s family is almost 300 large, and this network is more beneficial than he once thought.

Lima: Mayor Villaran faces vacancy order against her

Weeks after narrowly avoiding a recall against her, Mayor Susana Villaran will now have to face a motion to vacate her from office, over the alleged illegal sale of public land.

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Cleaning up Lima’s air

Lima has the worst air quality of any Latin American capital, it’s time to change that.

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Peru and the Chilean bogeyman

When large Peruvian industries need to drum up support, they often turn to anti-Chilean sentiment.

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Peru: Authorities take steps to ensure Holy Week safety

Officals are hoping to ensure safety during Holy Week, when millions of Peruvians will travel.

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Peru: Thousands to travel to Cajamarca over Easter

Thousands of tourists are expected to visit the region of Cajamarca, during the upcoming Easter Holidays, according to Julio Palacios, regional head of foreign trade and tourism.

Lima: Vendors look to reopen La Parada

On Monday, Antonio Salazar, a prosecutor at the Municipality of Lima, said that vendors could return to the La Parada market, after having prepared legal actions against the city.

Lima: A beautiful drive on the Chorrillos coast

A route through Chorrillos provides beautiful views and more.