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Allegro Coffee puts women farmers first in Peru

Allegro Coffee's new collaboration with Codemu Women's group is about empowering women and shrinking the gap between men and women.

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Peruvian entrepreneurs have new opportunity to enter Indian market

Visit by Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari has led to strengthening of commerce ties between the two nations.

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Lima’s Chifas: Hidden Treasures

Like Peruvian food in general, chifa is multiculturalism personified.

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Limeño desserts to make your mouth water

Feeling hungry? You will be after getting your eyes around some of Lima’s sweetest desserts!

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16th-century architecture discovered in Arequipa, Peru

Remains of building from the early colonial period were found when specialists began restoration work on historic in the southern city.

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Peru's problem with coca

Peru’s coca plant has long been a tricky subject: ever since it started being transformed into cocaine, with all the problems that caused, people have been arguing about what should be done about it, should it be banned, or just better regulated?

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Peruvian government looks to reach 4 million tourists next year

Peruvian tourism and travel industry continues to grow at a healthy rate.