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Here's something different: Quinoa vodka

What better way to enjoy the hottest new superfood than in a cool vodka drink?

Llamas invade the center of Lima, Peru

Tourists and passers-by can pay to have their picture taken with the critters.

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Make your own mazamorra morada

Learn how to make this classic Peruvian dessert.

Cusco, Peru receives help from World Bank in adapting to climate change

World Bank initiative will help the Cusco area deal with floods and landslides, both of which could be intensified by climate change.

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Nothing is what it seems – comedy night

What could be a better inspiration for comedy than the complcated world of love?

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Deadly algae, ancient whales, and Peru's dolphin deaths

Could an ancient whale graveyard in Chile illuminate the mysterious mass deaths of marine mammals in northern Peru?

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Peru and California pledge to strengthen environmental and economic ties

Peruvian ambassador in the United States met with governor of California.