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European Union highlights Peru's preparations for COP20

Officials say Peru is proactive in fight against climate change. Do you agree?

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Peru this Week promotion: Get a free UBER ride to take you to the airport, a party, or to send your mother in law back home

After having received a US$ 1.8 billion investment from Google, they have probably become the world’s largest and most valuable taxi service in the world, with a value of an app. US$ 30 billion.

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Creator of beloved “El chavo del 8” passes away

Roberto '˜Chespirito' Gómez Bolaños was 85-years old.

Fire, and suspicion, spreads in Chorrillos

Firemen save one person yet unable to control the Friday morning flames.

Peruvian inventor wants to purify Lima’s air

Giant air purifiers could be implemented to freshen up the city's air.

Real ale in the spotlight at the Festival de la Cerveza Artesanal

Real ale lovers rejoice! You’ll have more than 60 kinds of ale to try at the upcoming real ale festival this December.

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Johan Rockstrom: Let the environment guide our development (VIDEO)

Johan Rockstrí¶m works to redefine sustainable development, and figure out what needs to happen.