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2014: The year of corruption?

Do you agree that this year recalled the times of Fujimori?

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Piura: 5 dishes for your gastronomic tour

The region of Piura, known for its beaches and cuisine, is perfect for sampling recognized dishes from the north.

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Amplify the Thrill: Adrenaline Activities of the Sacred Valley

Get the adrenaline pumping with any of these invigorating outdoor activities available in the Sacred Valley.

5 apps that are useful for any traveler

In this era of technology, your smartphone is with you wherever you go, even on your most adventurous trips. Learn about some apps that will serve to help you on any journey that you decide to take.

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'Development' and 'environment' warm up to each other

COP20 may be over, but Diego de la Torre continues to urge Peruvians to look for alternatives.

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Legally Speaking: Obamacare and US expats

After a year of implementation, many U.S. residents have easily signed up for healthcare coverage offered by Obama’s government. But what about those living abroad?

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Diospi Suyana: A miracle for Curahuasi

A district in the Apurimac region, Curahuasi has become the home to an innovative school and healthcare system thanks to a program run by a German couple.

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Ask Sadie: I want to get a tattoo in Peru

One reader is interested in knowing where to go to get a tattoo in Peru.