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Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru!

Share the last morning of January 2015 with Mr. Living in Peru himself- and of course a cup of coffee!

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Electro Selvámonos: The party that almost wasn't

An investigative journey through the drama faced by the music festival.

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Ask Sadie: I want to feel the heat in the south

One reader wants to know how to get down to the southern beaches for a good tan.

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Electro Selvámonos 2015: Were you there?

Selvámonos organizers threw a wild beach party with an electric soundtrack. Take a look!

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Lima Sky: Beauty through the fog

A young expat from Russia to see the city sky from a different perspective.

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Cusco: Where the Samurai way is alive and well

Cusco presents a bounty of treasure for travelers, but did you ever imagine martial arts?

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Joke of the Week: Family of tomatoes

In the mood for a laugh? Let Mr. Living in Peru test his comedic skills!

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Asha de Vos: Whale poop is important

If the title alone has you intrigued, wait until you hear the engaging talk in the video that follows!