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Antonio García Castillo: En-canto Amazónico

The artist will showcase his latest Amazon-inspired pieces at Galerí­a Delbarrio.

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Peru announces US$1.6 billion stimulus package

The Minister of Economy and Finance announces a series of measures expected to raise Peruvians’ spending power and reinvigorate the country’s slowing economy

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New food safety mark to help lift repute of Lima restaurants

In another sign of Peru’s commitment to promoting excellence in food, a new government-industry partnership aims to raise standards of safety and hygiene in Lima’s restaurants.

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Highly acclaimed Peruvian writer Carlos Calderón Fajardo dies

A leading light of Peruvian literature for four decades, Carlos Calderón Fajardo was renowned, prolific, and gifted with “infinite imagination”.

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Peru appears at International Agriculture Fair in Morocco

Peruvian fruits and vegetables are promoted at a global trade expo in North Africa.

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Labour Day boosts tourism business

Originally a working class holiday, Labour Day, May 1, is now celebrated around the world with Peruvians looking forward to relaxing with family and friends over the long weekend.

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WHO declares rubella dead in the Americas

The virus that once killed tens of thousands of children in the Americas each year, has been officially declared extinct in the western hemisphere.

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Scientists announce a new bug species from Peru

Bugs, beetles, and other invertebrates may be small or even pesky, but without them the web of life would unravel.