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New York State Park to install Mariano Melgar monument

The New York State will install a 2-meter statue of renowned Peruvian writer Mariano Melgar of Arequipa.

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Sunshine in Lima will continue until Friday

The El Niño phenomenon has brought sunlight and concern to Lima residents.

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'TIC Américas' invites young entrepreneurs to participate

Problem-solving and innovative youth are invited to present business ideas in the TIC Americas.

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Peruvian artist Pedro Fuertes exhibits work in Washington D.C.

Fernando de Szyszlo art gallery exhibits fellow Peruvian artist, Pedro Fuertes’ works.

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Hugo Delgado prepares for World Masters Athletics 2017

What is it like to be 91 years old and still be competing in world contests of physical strength?

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Peru: MEF reduces economic growth for 2015 to 3%

The Ministry of Economy and Finances released their revised projection for this year’s growth.

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Peru celebrates Santa Rosa de Lima Day

Peru’s favored female saint Santa Rosa de Lima, is the patron saint of the country.

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Infopesa: Back to the future with vinyl

The powerhouse record company responsible for shaking up Peru’s music scene in the 70’s and 80’s is back on the scene, thanks to the man with the Midas touch and his son.