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Brookings: Peru 17th in overall financial inclusion efforts

Peru earned 66% of the total possible in the overall score on financial inclusion.

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Mistura 2015, my premeditated worries

Will Apega, the organization behind Mistura, make fair goers say “mmm” or rather scream “mayhem” at this year’s edition of Mistura? One foodie has his doubts.

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Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Health insurance companies with an unhealthy agenda, and enough bread and food fairs to send you back to the doctor.

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Lima: More than 120 young Scouts will direct traffic on Sunday

Youth Scouts of Peru will participate in a decades long tradition of community service this Sunday, Aug. 30.

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The Telegraph: Peru tops per cent of expats in relationships with locals

An InterNations survey revealed Peru to be the country with the highest per cent of foreigners dating locals.

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Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 hits Lima

The earthquake hit near Lima at 1:39 p.m. this afternoon.

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A train will once again connect Tacna and Arica

The Desert Train returns to the tracks in Tacna after three years of restoration.

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About time: Vargas Llosa and Garcia Marquez works to be translated into Quecha

Books by Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel Garcia Marquez will be translated into Quechua.