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Gin'ca: Peru's first national, premium gin

The Inca Distillery of Ate, Lima, produces Peru’s first, high quality gin.

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Protecting sacred life with the Matsés

Matsés leaders and Acaté Amazon Conservation create a 500-page encyclopedia in the tribe’s native tongue, protecting ancestral knowledge.

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Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 grades hits Arequipa

The quake’s epicenter was located 20 km south of Maca, Arequipa.

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Drink up! It's Peruvian Coffee Day

Every fourth Friday of the month of August, Peru celebrates Peruvian Coffee Day.

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Peru: El Niño could leave 1.2 million homeless

The magnitude of El Niño will be known for sure in November.

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Unhealthy insurance

What’s been your experience with health insurance companies in Peru? Mr. Living in Peru shares his.

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Peru Illustrated: Nadine's doodles

Recently, information found in personal journals has placed Peru’s First Lady in the hot seat. What kind of information do you think she’s been keeping? (Design: Eduardo Rivera)

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Listen to Peruvian Renata Flores sing a Michael Jackson song in Quechua

Renata Flores of Ayacucho sings “The way you make me feel” by Michael Jackson in Quechua.