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"Soda Cirque": Cirque de Soleil with Soda Stereo theme to visit Lima

Peru is scheduled to be part of the Latin American tour of “Soda Cirque.”

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Climate change march around the world (PHOTOS)

Yesterday, cities around the world participated in the climate march ahead of COP 21 in Paris.

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Punta Hermosa prohibits camping on beaches

Punta Hermosa authorities passed an ordinance prohibiting camping on their 8 beaches.

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Lori Berenson heading home after serving terror sentence in Peru

After serving a 20-year sentence in Peru, Lori Berenson is getting ready to return to New York.

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Congress retires Cotillo Law

The Education Commission unanimously voted to remove the law from debate in the House of Congress.

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COP 21: Peru passes COP presidency to France

Today, COP 21 is inaugurated in Paris, France and is attended by more than 150 world leaders.

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How much time does it take the average Lima worker to buy a Big Mac?

The Union Bank of Switzerland published a study regarding how much average workers around the world have to work to earn a Big Mac.

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Madre de Dios: Regional leaders to meet with Gov't officials in Lima

Luis Otsuka and other regional leaders will meet with Peru Gov’t in Lima at 5:00 p.m.