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Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Cool drinks and trashy food. Some food for thought in this weekend’s edition of Mr. Living in Peru’s blog.

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Puno: Photojournalist Charlie Jara holds Street Photography workshop

Photojournalist Charlie Jara is offering photography enthusiasts of Puno a workshop.

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Peruvian sailor Paloma Schmidt qualifies for 2016 Rio Games

Peruvian sailor Paloma Schmidt has earned a spot in the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil.

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A team of refugees to compete in 2016 Rio Games (YOUTUBE)

An international team of refugees will compete for the first time in the Olympic Games this year in Rio.

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César Acuña's engineering thesis was disapproved by Trujillo University

The Universidad de Trujillo disapproved Acuña’s engineering thesis, and then gave him his title.

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Mario Vargas LLosa announces new book 'Five Corners'

The book is set in in the era of former Peruvian president, Alberto Fujimori.

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Tucume Museum's eco proposal to bring community benefits

The Tucume Museum is located 33 kilometers from Chiclayo.

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Miraflores Villena bridge shines with multi-color LED lights (PHOTOS)

On Wednesday, Jan. 27, the new Villena bridge lit up with LED lights for the first time.