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French triathlete, Baptiste Aubry, trains in Peru

Having arrived to Cusco less than a month ago, the triathlete talks culture shock, what he has come to love, and the three foods that France does better than Peru.

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Illegal loggers removed from the Isconahua Reserve

Peruvian authorities are enforcing new sanctions to protect indigenous people and their land.

Did Apega's first International Gastronomy Congress satisfy?

Apega’s recent event posed questions regarding Peru’s undeniable gastronomic boom, such as: how can we ensure the success is a sustainable one?

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Peru hosts World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism

Today is the second and closing day of the II World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism, currently at the Lima Convention Center.

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Mayor of San Martín de Porres asks for a state of emergency

Rising crime in the district of San Martí­n de Porres has prompted a discussion on a state of emergency.

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Peru Two: Melissa Reid to be released from jail

Scottish Melissa Reid will be released after serving less than half her sentence for attempting to smuggle cocaine to Europe.

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Did Chavín society create authoritarianism?

New research led by John Rick suggests that authoritarianism may have began with the Chaví­n civilization.