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Two Museums and Bank Team Up on Nazca Culture Exposition

This temporary exposition is the largest that MALI has ever hosted and allows the public to truly experience the Nazca culture. It also includes a multimedia section dedicated to the famous geoglyphs.

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Selvamonos 2017: Interview with French Duo Catfish

Hailing all the way from France, here’s an inside look at Catfish, an original duo that will be playing at this year’s Selvamonos 2017 in Oxapampa, Peru.

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National Institute Reports Peru Has Lost 57% of its Glaciers

In 54 years, glacier cover has reduced from 1,035 km2 to 445 km2, according to National Glacier Inventory.

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Peru: Companies Investing in Startups to Receive Tax Benefits

In response to low levels of investment in innovation and development in Peru, the Ministry of Produce seeks to create incentives for the private sector.

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Living Strong Abroad: Focus on Our Children

It's another week to focus on strengths, but this time, focusing on our children.

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Minister of Economy and Finance Resigns After Congress Votes

Minister of Economy and Finance, Alfredo Thorne, was rejected by a large majority opposition when he asked for a vote of confidence.

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Should Improving Port Connectivity be Peru's New Priority?

Lima’s Chamber of Commerce says a new law would make it possible to reduce the cost of moving a container from almost US$ 1,000 to between US$ 500 and US$ 400.

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Peruvian Pisco Defeats Chilean Spirits in World Competition

After winning the gold medal in France, Pisco wins another gold medal and even bigger victory in London.