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Justin Moshkevich, the Peruvian behind the scenes of "La La Land"

You probably wouldn’t have guessed, but somehow Peru has found a connection to this Hollywood favorite.

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President of Ireland to visit Peru

The Irish president is slated to visit Latin America in February, touring Peru, Colombia and Cuba.

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LATAM lowers airfare before arrival of Viva Air Perú

The budding competition between these two airlines will be in your benefit, as prices are set to drop. Where do you want to go?

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Got an idea for a documentary?

Now’s your chance to have a short or feature length documentary commissioned with a US$ 15,000 budget. Check out the themes and requirements here.

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Now you can turn on the lights with your own eyelashes

Get to know the story of Katia Cí┬ínepa, chosen as MIT’s Innovator of 2016 for creating smart makeup.

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This Peruvian caterpillar looks like a joint (Youtube)

With its body rolled up in a leaf, this bug is creating some buzz for its ‘armor’ and strange movements. Take a look for yourself in this video.

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Lima to Piura: Feel the heat

While the capital city reaches record temperatures, the northern coastline of Peru sees the extreme heat take a toll on marine life.

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Trujillo crowns winners of National Marinera Contest

The 57th National edition of the traditional dance contest also marked the 7th World edition, drawing foreigners far and wide to Peru.