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Peru: One of UK's favourite stops

The popularity of Peru is surpassing all expectations! Peru ranked in the UK’s top 3 for travel destinations. Can you guess the other two countries?

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Tax change for MYPES

A new tax regulation will start tomorrow and it will benefit small and medium size companies. What is it about?

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5 Creative events to partake in this week

Do you want to expand your artistic side? Here is a list of events for all artistic levels.

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Humala asks for freedom to travel

The former Peruvian president seeks to revoke the judicial measure that prevents him to leave Peru. Should we be suspicious?

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Central Highway: 5 alternative routes

As the rain continues in the Central Highway, so does the potential for more landslides. Here’s how to avoid more accidents.

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The story of the only Peruvian who's won an Oscar

Days after the biggest movie celebration of the year, a question has popped up: Was there ever a Peruvian Oscar winner?

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Peruvian jewelers at Hong Kong fair

Peru will be displaying their products at an Asian jewellery fair for trade opportunities.

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Inspiring documentary set in the Peruvian jungle

Motorcycle races in the VRAEM, Peru’s cocaine valley? Is this a kind of story for you?