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Are Peruvians passionate readers?

After the International Book Day was celebrated, a study focuses on Peruvian’s reading habits. What did they find out?

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PPK meets Swiss Federal President

The Peruvian head of state met his Swiss counterpart in the Governmental Palace to create liaisons and sign agreements.

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Peruvian grapes exports grow

Peru is booming in grapes exports and is expected to grow more. Which countries are the biggest buyers?

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Peru to host International Cocoa Symposium

Peru is one of the biggest cacao producers in the world and now it is taking part in research projects to enhance its production.

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Lima Food Week

The best restaurants in Lima feature special offers for two weeks. Come along and celebrate Peruvian food.

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Peru, where progress equals whiteness?

A question and conversation worth having. Start off your Monday with this thought-provoking subject matter. Digest the material and leave your constructive feedback in the comments below.

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Saturday Morning Green Juice with the Editor

You're regular Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru will be back shortly!

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Peru’s Minister joins World Bank and IMF meetings

Peruvian Minister of Finance and Economy represents Peru and other LATAM countries at World Bank and IMF meetings.