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Peruvian Athlete Takes Home First Prize in International Half Marathon

Gladys Tejeda beat out two runners from Kenya to become first gold medal winner from Latin America in almost 20 years.

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Embassy of South Korea in Lima Sponsors "Millennium Dance"

The event drew large crowds as South Korea brought a marvelous medley of their traditional dances to the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

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Rubbing Salt into the Wound of Racial Pain

A well-known Afro-Peruvian activist and TV journalist Sofia Carrillo sparked widespread comment and debate over racism in Peru following an incident in airport.

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Sunday Morning Special with Mr. Humanitarian

Jim Killon Small Mementos, Huge Reminders, Positive Changes. In my work area at home, I keep small reminders in front of me. Small mementos of happenings that I want to

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International Volunteer Program for Peruvian Professionals

America Solidaria is searching for Peruvian nationals who have finished university to volunteer in a foreign country.

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Scientists Observe Courtship Ritual of Peru's National Bird

The Cock-of-the-Rock has its own particular brand of matchmaking in Manu National Park.

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International Monetary Fund Projects Peru for Highest Growth in Region in 2017

Peru stands strong in Latin America as IMF analyzes future challenges after official staff visit.

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Restaurant Review: Tazza Caffe

Some places are designed to enjoy. At Tazza Caffé the owners have paid special care to create an ambiance and creative space for their coffee lovers to relish.