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Free Entry to Museums Every First Sunday for Peruvian Citizens

Every first Sunday of every month, Peruvian nationals may now enter government administrated archaeological sites, museums, and historic places for free.

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What is the Truth behind Peru’s 3-Fingered Alien Corpse?(VIDEO)

Yet another alien theory of Peru has taken the internet by storm. This time, it’s an alien mummified corpse from Nazca. Let’s see what an organization of Peruvian scientists has to say about it…

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Restaurant Review: Bangkok

Refreshing hot coals and herbs to keep you on edge; with these descriptions, it must be Thai food! Check out this operation run by two friends who met in Lima, but just happen to be from the same region of Thailand…

6 Amazing Things to See in Cusco that are Not Incan Ruins Series: #5

Are you a bird lover and would like to see the endangered Condor soar its wings?

Cuzco: US Medical Student Perishes in Hiking Accident

The body of Seth Thomas was found last weekend in Cuzco after he attempted to cross a mountaintop.

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Nazca Exposition in MALI Now Open (VIDEO)

The National Art Museum of Lima has created a temporary exhibition on the Nazca culture. Check out this recent promotional video for the exposition…

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Discovering the Secrets of Alto Mayo

A group of 50 scientists to investigate surface and subterranean biodiversity of this protected natural area in the north-central department of San Martí­n.

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Peru's National Ceviche Day (VIDEO)

Today is National Ceviche Day! Check out this video from Marca Peru about Peru’s national food.