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Restaurant Review: Sushi Ito

Popular with kids and adults alike, this out-of-the-way but totally worthwhile Sushi bar has a whole lot more than sushi to offer.

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Peru: 4 Deaths in Lima's Recent Fire Denounced as Modern Slavery

Peruvian and international authority figures denounce the death of 4 young men in the recent fire in Las Malvinas as modern slavery and human trafficking.

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Kaypi Peru Festival 2017 in Washington D.C. Coming Soon (VIDEO)

If you live in the Washington D.C. area, you don’t want to miss this festival to celebrate Peruvian culture and art.

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Students in the US Help Scientists Save Frogs at Lake Titicaca

Dina Baker Denver Zoo's Lake Titicaca Frog Project aims to educate local communities in Puno about the health of the Lake Titicaca Frog and of the lake itself, in addition

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"El Volcan": A Volcano Shaped Mound in Peru's Coastal Valley

Nepeña Valley’s artificial mound built in the shape of a volcano has been investigated by few and remains obscured in mystery.

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The Big Picture of Poverty Reduction in Peru

The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion reports that poverty in Peru fell to 20.7% between 2004 to 2016, yet there is still work to be done.

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Superfoods Peru Takes on New York

24 Peruvian companies will showcase the best of their special food, gourmet, and delicatessen offerings at the Summer Fancy Food Show in the USA.

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Peru: National Water Service Denounces Debts Owed by Corporate Water Usage

Gloria, Papelera Trupal, and Backus are only a few of the 20 companies responsible for the accumulative millions of soles in debt for groundwater use since 2010 in the capital city of Lima.