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Peruvian Avocado Producers Compete for Europe's Market

Peru is among the avocado producing countries that are launching diplomatic and marketing campaigns into the European market.

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Dakar Rally Race 2018 Route Will Respect Peru's Cultural Heritage

Lima is the starting point for the popular racing competition Dakar which will pass through parts of Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

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Peru: Moyobamba Achieves Guinness World Record with Traditional Dance

More than 1,500 couples of the capital of San Martin Department united for the achievement, certified by a Guinness World Records representative, performing the largest traditional dance Peru ever recorded.

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Are We Taking Preventive Measures Against Radical Movements?

Fernando Calle I have a memory that I would like to share with you. It took place around the 1980´s when I visited my parents here in Peru but was

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Anomalous Wave Patterns Alert for Peruvian Shoreline

The Peruvian Navy recommends that the coastal population and people carrying out port, fishing and recreational activities take safety measures to avoid personal and material injuries.

Skateboarding Barranco's Streets to Surfing the Pacific's Waves (VIDEO)

Early one March morning, two Lima-based expatriate friends decide to ride their human-powered vehicles through Barranco and Miraflores to the Costa Verde surf break, La Pampilla. Colin (skateboard) is a local economic development consultant from Canada, and Nicholas (bicycle) is a doctor from Germany. Neither knew how to surf before moving to Peru.

Cuzco: Cleanup Day at Saqsaywaman After Inti Raymi Festival (PHOTOS)

250 Municipal workers and 170 volunteers collect 45 tons of garbage after Inti Raymi celebration.

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Peru's Prime Minister Explains Economic Reactivation Plan

Acting currently as Minister of Economy and Finance, Prime Minister Fernando Zavala highlights the government’s plan for economic reactivation.