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Tweets from the Amazon River Raft Race

Last year, three friends and I built a wooden raft and paddled 200 kilometers down the Amazon River in Peru.

The Air France visit to Lima, Peru

After the inauguration of Air France’s Paris-Lima flight, airline execs, diplomats and guests enjoyed sightseeing in Lima.

Party in Paucartambo: Highland festival in Peru

One sunny Lima day, over lunch, my friend Alicia mentions that her husband Ernesto is from the town of Paucartambo in Cusco province.

Where to get the best Cusco street food

From salty to sweet, small meals to snacks, the options abound on just about any street corner.

Album: Reader photos from Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the most photogenic spots in the world, so when we asked our readers for photos of themselves at the ruins, we expected some good shots.

Peru travel experts share Machu Picchu memories

LSD, weed whackers and symphonies at Machu Picchu.

VIDEO: Hiram Bingham in Machu Picchu, 1949

The Travelogue series visited the Inca citadel with the National Geographic explorer-turned U.S. senator Hiram Bingham.

Peter Frost to lead Machu Picchu centenary trip in August

British writer and photographer Peter Frost will lead a much anticipated trip in August in celebration of the centenary of Machu Picchu’s discovery.