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15,000 Year Old Artifacts Excavated in Northern Peru

What mysteries lie below Huaca Prieta near the Chicama Valley?

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New Marketing Strategy: Suitcases of Peru (VIDEO)

Who wouldn´t want one of these? Creative and successful marketing strategy promotes Peru abroad.

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5 Peruvian Companies Rank in List of Best to Work in Latin America

Two of the companies placed in the Top 10 of annual ranking by Great Place to Work. Do you work at any of them?

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Living Strong Abroad: The Added Challenge to Parenting

Parenting is hard…parenting in another country with different cultural values, well, puts your already hard made decisions under a magnifying glass.

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"Don’t Watch the Movie, Live it for Real" (VIDEO)

Visit Peru to discover one of the richest and most varied cultural experiences the world has to offer. Watch the “trailer” to get hyped for your upcoming adventure…

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An Art Walk Through Miraflores’ "Open Air Museum" (PHOTOS)

Miraflores urban design projects take you on an open-air artistic journey from plaza to plaza, under and over bridges, between city, beach, and ocean….

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National Geographic to Reveal Face of Ancient Peruvian Priestess

Mummified woman wielded political as well as religious power in Chicama valley more than 1700 years ago during the age of Moche rule in the north.

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Peruvian Mountaineer Conquers Everest Peak Without Supplemental Oxygen

The youngest Peruvian to ever reach the Everest peak achieves it without any artificial oxygen. His story is as inspiring as his achievement.