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Overlooked Deforestation Culprits in the Peruvian Amazon

The public institution Defender of the People accuses the state of not controlling the illegal cacao and palm oil plantations in Peru’s rainforest regions.

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Peru and France Fortify Economic and Political Ties

With economic links already strong, Peru’s President PPK and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron are working together to strengthen political and social bonds between the 2 nations.

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Huge Victory for Peruvian Coffee in Paris

Peruvian brands were awarded 23 times including gold, silver, and gourmet medals, winning out over Colombia and Mexico. Is Peruvian coffee a rising force to be reckoned with?

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Water Anyone?

A funny and critical take on the peculiar customs one experiences living in Peru.

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Sunday Morning Special with Mr. Humanitarian

Jim Killion I Like Bananas but I am no Monkey When I began Changes for New Hope back in 2009, I was not sure exactly what form the project would

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Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch Why is the Peruvian news so badly produced and presented? Every once in a while I watch Peruvian news in the morning while waiting in line somewhere or

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Free Entry to Museums Every First Sunday for Peruvian Citizens

Every first Sunday of every month, Peruvian nationals may now enter government administrated archaeological sites, museums, and historic places for free.

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What is the Truth behind Peru’s 3-Fingered Alien Corpse?(VIDEO)

Yet another alien theory of Peru has taken the internet by storm. This time, it’s an alien mummified corpse from Nazca. Let’s see what an organization of Peruvian scientists has to say about it…