Fun Fact Friday: Woolly Monkey

Fun Fact Friday: Woolly Monkey

Natasha Clay

These adorable primates can be found in the rainforests of Peru and other South American countries

The Peruvian Woolly Monkey is an adorable primate that belongs to New World monkeys (monkeys living in South America) and the Atelidae family. Located in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and of course Peru, there isn’t just one type of woolly monkey, but four.

(Photo: Yellow Tailed Woolly Monkey/ Wikipedia)

The rare Yellow tailed Woolly Monkey is one of four species that can be found in the Peruvian Andes in the department of San Martin. Unfortunately, these monkey’s fall in The World’s 25 most Endangered Primates list: one reason being that they having a slow reproductive rate doesn’t help their survival; another reason being the loss of their habitats.

The Gray Woolly Monkey is mostly found in Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. Their characteristics are dark gray in color with dark skin and thick coats. They can be found living in cloud forests with a diet that consists of fruit and, when fruit is limited, leaves. Female Gray Woolly monkey’s are often hunted and their young sold as pets, but the monkeys are also hunted for food. Thankfully, they are now being protected in most national parks.

Brown Woolly Monkey is also referred to as the common Woolly Monkey. As I mentioned above, they have characteristics such as round heads and medium-sized bodies.

(Photo: Baby Woolly Monkey/Facebook)

The last Woolly we will be talking about is the Colombian Woolly Monkey. This species has been around for about 500 years, yet is critically endangered. With the same build and social behaviors as other woollies, the Colombian variety likes to stay in large groups known as troops.

All of the aforementioned Woolly monkeys have a life span of about 24-30 years. Female monkeys also have a pregnancy duration of 7 to 7 1/2 months.

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