Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Saturday morning coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch

Dear friends,

The weather has been amazing and many people are driving south every weekend to get to know the beaches. Most don’t go further than km. 100, but there are many more beaches further south, which you can get to know in this article, where you’ll see pictures of beaches from KM 124 all the way down to Ilo, a few hundred kilometers before the Chilean border. The beaches in Peru are quite stunning.

On my Facebook page I just posted a beautiful picture taken on the beach, approximately 97 kilometers south of Lima, called Asia.

(Photo: Carsten Korch/Facebook)

Talking about traveling, Ana, our news editor, also posted an article about the most popular destinations to visit in Peru. Yes, yes, yes, Cusco is obvious, but can you guess which are the other two?

If you’re missing inspiration on which destinations to visit next, I just saw a video (see below) on posted by Maud Gurunlian, which will hopefully inspire you to visit new destinations here in Peru.

(Video: Youtube)

Once you find the right destination don’t hesitate to book your next vacation with Peru Experience.


Lately, friends have been sending me news stories from Wayka which, as they state in their punch line, is “more than journalism.” I enjoy reading many of their stories, as they often write the things most people don’t want to talk about. That said, people have the right to know. What do you think?

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Lately my friend Dante has been teaching me about how we can turn trash into energy and solve more than one major problem that Peru and many other countries are fighting. I thought all these solutions were obvious, but not here in this part of the world – till now. The more I learn about this subject the more eager I get to promote these solutions to municipalities, local and regional governments, and of course the biggest client – the industry here in Peru.

To clean up “the shit” the industry often use robots and no, not like the Terminator above, but more like the robots we see in the TED-talk below. There are thousands of solutions on how we can “save the world” and many of them actually work. You may ask yourself, how come we don’t do more about it? I wish I had the answer to this and so I started to look for answers.

(Video: Youtube)

Next week I’ll be traveling to Copenhagen to join 40 individuals looking for answers to the above question and many other things. We have been accepted into a seminar organized in collaboration with Singularity University, that is looking for answers to the biggest problems in the world.

I’m really excited and I hope to meet like-minded people that inspire and guide me toward new solutions that can help solve Peru’s issues with pollution, green energy, health and much more. For more information on Singularity University, which aims to solve problems affecting billions of people, I encourage you to visit their page. The ideas and messages coming from SU will in some way change and impact your daily life.

Have a great weekend – CK

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  1. Danmar
    March 05, 19:04 Reply
    Mr. Korch: Thank you for embarking on finding "new solutions that can help solve Peru's issues with pollution, green energy, health and much more". This confirms you really do love Peru. Have a great trip to Denmark and we hope that the seminar is fruitful and that you will bring back many ideas that will benefit Peru. Thanks again for caring for my and your beautiful country.

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