Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch

Check out this weekend’s videos and restaurant reviews that will leave you drooling and wanting for more!

Dear Friends,

A subscriber lately wrote me, asking why my Saturday Morning Newsletter wasn’t always focusing on “things happening in Peru”. Both the LIP-team and I focus on important and/or interesting matters here in Peru, especially from Monday to Friday, but during the weekend I also like to share other things with you that may not be directly related to Peru, but still, has an impact on our lives here in Peru.

Last week I shared His Holiness Pope Francis’ TED-talk 'œWhy the only future worth building includes everyone'. Despite that I’m not catholic, I found this speech very inspiring and important to listen to and learn from. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and I hope I didn’t offend anyone by promoting it. If you missed it, you can see it here.

Also, I’ve been linking videos to articles in the past, which are related to the future. I find them incredibly interesting, including the series “Mostly Human” with Laurie Segall on CNN. I think Laurie does a great job in showing us what will impact all of us one way or another, whether we like it or not. I don’t expect you to share the same interests as me, but I’m curious and have decided to embrace the future and to be better prepared for what is a awaiting us, our children and grandchildren. I just finished chapter 4 – Silicon Valley Secret, which might not show you what you expect.

(Photo: Facebook/ Kapallaq)

That said, there are many great things to share with you about Peru and lately, I visited 3 excellent restaurants with Sheila, Roxana, Sissy & Marco. The first one is a long time favorite of mine Kapallaq, which back in the days was located in Petit Thours in Miraflores, but lately they moved to San Isidro, where the owners built a brand new restaurant from scratch influenced by the whole family and in particular his daughter, who is an architect and loves her father’s food. My long time friend Lucho and his wife take care of the guests every day and my recommendation (A MUST TRY dish at Kapallaq) is the chicharrí³n de pulpo, which to my best knowledge can’t be found better anywhere in Peru.

(Photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)

Not too long ago, I met up with Chef Moma at restaurant Jeronimo in Miraflores. This restaurant isn’t new anymore but it is one of the latest successes to open its doors to the public. I felt at home within the first 5 minutes and I loved the place, the food, the “Master of Puppets” cocktail and the staff attending us. This is a great place to share many plates for hours with friends and family.

(Photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)

Last, but not least, I visited Yume in San Borja, which offers a variety of delicious dishes inspired by the Japanese culture mixed with Peruvian ingredients. Their food is really good and the mint lemonade and the “Peruaní­simo” cocktail are both outstanding.

I hope you feel hungry now and are ready to enjoy your weekend.

Have fun – Carsten

P.S. Question/Joke of the week:
Q: Is Google male or female?
A: Female, because it doesn’t let you finish a sentence before making a suggestion.

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