Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Dear Friends,

Fall has finally arrived in Lima, but the weather is still weird, as some days we have 16 degrees with “rain” and other days we have 25 degrees and it is like summer. Lot’s of my friends are “under the weather” as this temperature change calls for both winter and summer clothes and if you end up dressing in the wrong way it either gets too cold or too warm.

(Photo: Viva Air Peru/Facebook)

If you love to travel within Peru, it really does not get any cheaper than now with the new low-cost Viva Air Peru airline that has recently opened up its services to many destinations throughout the country. Right now, you can purchase tickets for as low as $36 round trip.

Christina from my team just tried them out and as she says, you get what you pay for. You have to print out your boarding passes at home or it’ll cost you $13 at the airport. If you wish to reserve a seat next to your spouse, you pay extra, if you want to bring more than 12 kilos hand luggage, you pay extra etc., and that is how these airlines make their profit.

The plane itself works very nicely, but there is no free coffee. Well, having only paid $36 for a roundtrip ticket one should have some extra change to get a good cup of coffee before boarding the plane. Have a safe flight!

(Photo: Pixabay)

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Machu Picchu Entrance and Schedule Changes for Summer 2017.

If you’re planning to visit Machu Picchu in the near future, be aware that everything has changed and you can’t visit Machu Picchu as you used to do in the past, where there were almost no limitations. Get all the details here.

Now talking about ruins, Peru has many other beautiful ruins to see and here are five of them.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Last week, I introduced you to Vishen Lakhiani’s Why Happiness is the New Productivity and many of you told me that you loved it. With that in mind, I searched for and found another great TED-talk, watched by more than 18 million “fans” in different channels. Meet Shawn Achor, talking to us about how happiness inspires us to be more productive. I’m convinced you’ll love this video.

Have a great weekend – Carsten

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  1. Mary
    June 03, 15:08 Reply
    You might want to share this TED conversation with your readers; much needed food for thought!

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