Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch

Hello friends,

Thank you for all your e-mails, comments and opinions regarding the Peruvian health system and of course the controversial video message from Dr. Peter Gí¬łtzsche, we showed you last week.

Don’t misunderstand me. Most doctors are doing a great job to help us, but I learned from a Danish doctor friend of mine that many doctors aren’t as good at taking their patients off the medicine, as they are to prescribing them medicine. We as patients also have the responsibility to question the doctors and get second opinions to ensure the best treatments for ourselves. Doctors don’t know everything, which leads me to the next subject – Artificial Intelligence (AI).

(Photo: Centro Terapias Creativas/ Facebook)

Often people are scared of the unknown and here I think about Artificial Intelligence. Our lives are always full of AI, as it already exists in our phones, our TVs, computers and of course we are exposed to AI all the time when using Google.

Also, our doctors receive help from AI, which allows them to diagnose many diseases and problems much easier today than a few years ago. Lung cancer is one of the areas, where artificial intelligence can detect this terrible disease much better than any human eye and helps doctors to make the right decisions.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Don’t fear AI, but be cautious. It can do many good things, but you can also “lose” to an AI. Garry Kasparow, one of the greatest chess players in history lost to IBM’s Deep Blue in 1997, but despite his loss, he is still one of the best chess players in the world and chess is a sport growing every year despite its competition from various apps on your phone. Listen to him in the TED-talk, where he shares his vision for a future where intelligent machines help us turn our grandest dreams into reality.

(Photo: Flickr)

Enjoy this TED-talk Don’t fear intelligent machines. Work with them.

(Photo: Carsten Korch /Living in Peru)

Steve Mullen and I joined another 500 participants from the start-up world in Peru and interviewed a few game changers from here and abroad, who are eager to see Peru succeed in creating the best start-up community in Latin America. Don’t miss out on Steve’s excellent article, which explains many of those things you need to know if you have any interest in being part of Peru’s start-up community.

Did you catch his article yesterday, Peru Venture Capital Conference 2017: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants?

(Photo: Pixabay)

Do you have the guts? Don’t worry! Let us help you get started.

We are looking for contributors interested in archeology, food, drinks, gastronomy, travel, nature, culture, history, innovation and more in Peru.

If you have a great story that you wish to share with our readers about Peru and reach thousands of people interested in Peru from across the globe, then we at LiP are the right place for you!

Yes, it can be difficult to get started, but as you know, you can always find a solution to most challenges in “YouTube”, where I found this 5 min. training on how to write an article. 500 words in English with some pictures, a slide show, maybe a video or info graphs will do the work and we are more than happy to link to your blog or something similar, should you have such thing to share your passion.

READY? Learn how to write an article:

If you are a person of few words, our readers also love slideshows, so please dig into your private collections of butterflies, flowers, food, cities, markets, old houses or whatever else is related to your passion and Peru.

Allow us to share your passion with thousands of readers interested in Peru. Maybe more will come visit our wonderful country in the near future just because of you and your article.

Please reach out to Hope (, who together with Mike and Natasha is ensuring you the latest news and stories from and about Peru every day.

(Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

To all the Fathers out there – HAPPY Father’s Day tomorrow. Can’t wait to do “nothing” myself tomorrow, as I have a party tonight, where I’ll dance all night long with my wife.

Take care – CK

P.S. Joke of the day

Who is the Winner?
The father of five children had won a toy at a raffle.
He called his kids together to ask which one should have the present.
“Who is the most obedient?” he asked.
“Who never talks back to mother? and
“Who does everything mother says?”
Five small voices replied in unison. “Okay, daddy! You get the toy.”

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