Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch

Why is the Peruvian news so badly produced and presented?

Every once in a while I watch Peruvian news in the morning while waiting in line somewhere or going to the gym and EVERY MORNING without any exception I feel so sad for all the people who have to watch this badly produced news every day, because apparently no public open channel in this country can produce decent news and present them in a professional way.

I get it, when we have a BIG fire in downtown we have to cover this important news with some extra attention, but they spend hours repeating themselves with the same pictures and sounds, as if there is no other news that day.

A couple of weeks ago, a bicyclist was hit by a car in San Isidro, which of course is sad. No one was really hurt, but the girl who got hit by the car noticed someone was filming and started making a scene. The news channel I watched this recording on, repeated the same video and comments for more than 15 minutes (or more, I turned it off after 15 minutes)! What is wrong??????

Tuesday night this week, an SUV tried to run over a policewoman, who politely informed the female driver of the car that she couldn’t make a left turn on Javier Prado. A concerned bystander recorded the incident and shared it on social media with the driver's name and other information. The driver probably regrets doing this, realizing that her actions were not invincible and is now facing public shaming on social media and a meeting with a judge, who could send her to jail for years. This news didn’t only go viral on social media, but also reached the headlines of the local news and received more than 20 minutes of attention on the Wednesday morning TV-news, while I was watching 🙁 – I guess there were no other important news to share that morning.


It is bad enough that we have to watch one badly produced stupid TV-show after another 24/7! Can't we please try and deliver interesting and valuable news that allow people to know what is going on in the country and not just what is happening around the corner?

If you know of a channel or program that you think is valuable, interesting, and objective and maybe showing positive news from and about Peru, please don’t hesitate to write me. There must be someone who is doing a good or at least a decent job of informing the people of Peru about what is going on in the country.


This week, Facebook has reached 2 billion monthly users ( and Mark Zuckerberg wants to change the world even more – Facebook is by far the biggest and maybe the most influential “country” in the world and could grow bigger.

Mark Zuckerberg says that he has no political agenda and his new mission is to bring the communities of the world closer together. The impact of Facebook in our daily lives is gigantic, fascinating, interesting, but also very powerful. Here you can read and hear more about the latest from Facebook and what their plan for the future is


Looking for fun and entertainment? LOOK NO FURTHER!

Last week I found and loved it. Some of the most famous people in America meet up with Jerry Seinfeld and no one knows what will happen.

Here is the first episode I watched

and there is many more here

Have a great and fun weekend.

Cheers – Carsten

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  1. Daniel
    July 01, 15:11 Reply
    Sorry CNN is in Peru. . Yes I agree it is poorly produced. Maybe someday they will give us facts and not there opinions . I think many people go to a reliable source on the internet for news.

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