Selvamonos 2017: Interview with French Duo Catfish

Selvamonos 2017: Interview with French Duo Catfish

Courtesy of Selví¡monos

Hailing all the way from France, here’s an inside look at Catfish, an original duo that will be playing at this year’s Selvamonos 2017 in Oxapampa, Peru.

With a little blues and a hint of electronic dance rock music, Catfish a duo originally from France will be making their way all the way to Oxapampa to perform with various bands from all over Peru and the world.

The originality of your rock and blues duo gets you to your 2nd Latino American Tour, including gigs in a great variety of festivals in Ecuador, and Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. How do you feel about meeting the Latin American audience again?

It is such a pleasure to come back here. The audience is much better than in France because they love rock music and thus concentrate on what we play. If we had to choose, we would only tour in South America. And as we’ve been to Argentina and Colombia a year and a half ago, we’ve got a lot of friends to catch up with.

What are expectations for playing in Rock Al Parque in Colombia?

Apparently, it’s an enormous festival…. So it’s as scary as it’s exciting! We do hope that it will be as cool as Altavoz in Medellin…. We had a great time there, so if Everything goes well it should be even better. We hope our music will satisfy the audience in Rock Al Parque…. We can’t wait to be there!

(Courtesy: Selvamonos)

In Peru, From Lima´s Fete de la Musique you´ll travel to the Central Peruvian Jungle to play at Selví¡monos Festival,

How do you feel about the opportunity to play in the middle of nature?

It’s amazing… Really…. It will the first time we go to the jungle, and we saw some videos of the festival and it looks terrific. Such a great new experience for us!

You´re often described as a fusií³n of The Kills meeting the White Stripes.

Which are your main influences? and in which music are you into currently?

We were really influenced by the old blues from the 20’s when we created Catfish, like Skip James. Now we have a more modern sound, so yes the skills are a great influence as well as Jack White. But we love listening to any kind of music, as it exists so many good ideas in Everything…. To me, you have to enjoy all the cultures and their music to be a complete artist.

A lot of European media mention your capacity to spread energy on stage. How do you work to fulfill the full rock band experience being a duo?

We have worked a lot on the sound of our instruments to make people forget that we’re only two. That means that we have chosen to use bass amplifiers for the guitar, to have a fat and low sound (so that people don’t miss the bass guitar too much)… I also use a deep snare and we use a small keyboard called Korg MS 20, that’s well known for having a loud and very low sound. But one of the secrets of our band is that we’ve split the drum in two so that rhythm is in the center of our music.

(Courtesy: Selvamonos)

What should the Peruvian public know about you for your first visit?

Our music can surprise them as it’s very rough and unusual for the Latin American audience. Most of the time, people wonder what's going on on the first songs, but afterward, people get really into it…..we do need to share a special energy with them, that’s how we enjoy a concert.

Which Latin-American artist o brand would you like to share stage?

Well, actually when we came to Argentina last time we went to listen to La Bomba del Tiempo…. And we loved it! I said that I would love to play with them, and guess what it might be possible that we do something with them…. It’s a surprise so my best advice is to tell people to check our Facebook in the next few days!

What are your projects back to Europe?

We’re currently working on a third album… We already have about 5 to 6 songs that are ready to record. But as we’ve released our second album in October 2016, we’re also touring around France a lot in July to promote it. So we’re always very busy and that’s a good thing!

Check out their latest track below!

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