Sunday Morning Special with Mr. Humanitarian

Sunday Morning Special with Mr. Humanitarian

Jim Killon

Can we change the world? Do we as individuals cause massive shifts in history or are the changes we make merely seeds planted in others?

Nobody Changes the World. There is good news and there is bad news, what do you want to hear first? The bad news is that nobody changes the world. The good news? Nobody changes the world.

Confused? So was I when this finally dawned on me. My best efforts and intentions to change the world were admittedly anemic. Now I have come to the conclusion that it is not even possible. This is not to say that I am giving up, just understanding a simple fact…Nobody changes the world.

Has anyone changed the people in the world? Consider the great doctors, inventors and business people who have lived throughout time. The short quick list would include Steve Jobs, Jonas Salk, Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King Jr. Great men no doubt but what did they actually change? The world? Great men and women only influenced changes in the world. However, those who are seeking changes, looking for a better way, open to new ideas and ways to accomplish the seemingly impossible, these influencers offer the opportunity to accomplish those changes.

You see, people only change when they have a reason to change. Whether for reasons of love or hatred, greed or fear, ego or compassion, people change when some force motivates them toward change. Influencers create the spark that lights the fire inside of us. What triggers us to action, what inspires us, what influences us, is how changes become viral effects throughout the world. This is how people “change the world”.

Consider a beautiful woman in Scotland, whose name is Lindsay Gale. She is a humanitarian who created The Global Gratitude Project. She influences change in the world by sharing the profound value of gratitude in our daily lives. She wrote a book to share and sends out thousands of seashells with little hearts drawn on them with the simple words, “Thank you”. Those who embrace Lindsay's message will live a richer life. Lindsay's love shows us the idea that each of us can influence positive changes, starting with ourselves and extending throughout our community and ultimately, the world.

(Photo: Jim Killon)

I have created Changes for New Hope in Ancash to help impoverished children. After eight years, seven tons of material support, thousands of hours of time invested in making positive changes in the lives of these children I ask myself, “Have I changed the world?” No. But I am content to know that I have positively influenced a large part of the children, parents, teachers, community leaders, and those whose hearts are moved with compassion to join me in this journey. U.S. President John F. Kennedy once said, “Men will die, nations will rise and fall but an idea lives on forever.”

Each of us can influence people to melt their stubborn apathy, motivate compassion and positive action. I am not changing the world. I am, however, influencing people to draw a little closer to the beautiful person that they have always wanted to become. You can too. Nobody changes the world, but each of us, by our presence here, has the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands. Let's make it a better world together, it is our one true gift to humanity. It is the footprint we leave behind long after we are gone.

Would you like to become part of something special to influence and help the children? Learn how at

Also, be sure to check out The Changes for New Hope Humanitarian Awards Magazine, May 2017 issue .

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