Sunday Morning Special with Mr. Humanitarian

Sunday Morning Special with Mr. Humanitarian

Jim Killon

On this Father's Day, I wanted to give a special shout out to the many Dads who not only brought new lives into this world but made the sacrifice of their time and personal interests to be there for their children. To the Dads who said 'œNot today', to their buddies so they could read a story to their little ones. To the Dads who made time to listen, to care and to raise their children in a way that made them proud. You, my friends, are a special kind of hero.

I Never Gave Up Trying, I Gave Up Quitting

In our constant drive through, Facebook, Twitter, instant gratification society that our world has become, too many have succumbed to the notion that success, victory, and goals can be obtained simply by swiping our debit cards. When we have to struggle through a challenge, actually take the test that life throws at us to get to the other side, we find it easier to give up and look for the easier path.

Heroes are applauded for doing the seemingly impossible. They are seen as humans who were either incredibly lucky, at the right place at the right time or have some extraordinary talent that the rest of us lack. In reality, heroes, visionaries, and humanitarians are just like you and I. The success that we experience is simply a matter of jumping into the issues that are challenging with passion and never quitting until the success is realized. We all face challenges, some people see stumbling blocks as their reason to go no further, the excuse to quit. Those whose lives shine as beacons to others looking for the path to victory see the stumbling blocks as stepping stones. We stand on top of those stones to see where the solutions lie.

Let me share this with you and see if you can relate to it in your own experiences. I used to be a quitter. I was raised as a quitter. I come from a long line of quitters, so I thought it was in my genetics. If I tried and failed, I gave up, it must not have been meant to be for me. I accepted what life handed me. If good fortune came my way, I considered myself lucky. If bad things happened, well that must be my lot in life. Most of us grew up hearing so much negativity we think it is normal, the way it should be. We wish it were different but making it different was way beyond our imagination.

Then one day I said, 'œNo more.' What made the difference between saying 'œNo more' and life changing toward being spectacular? Action! When you want a life filled with passion and purpose you start thinking differently. You start looking for ways that move you toward dynamic happiness and victories over every challenge. You step away from what no longer serves you well, regardless of what it is and start adapting a winner's mentality. You forsake a whiners mentality. You find people who are already doing what you want to accomplish and emulate, not envy, their success. When you realize that instant gratification is for those who tinker at life, not for those who grab it with a thirsty urge to see how wonderful life can become, you abandon the trivial for the amazing. Only a handful of people creates their lives on their own terms and success by design, rejecting the notion of luck. You deserve that life, consider it owed to you. If anyone asks, tell them I said so.

Now, I never give up trying. Every day is a challenge which I embrace as my growth process. Progress is a success, not a finish line. Humanitarianism is a focus for those of us who feel such a passion for life that we are compelled to share with others who also want a life filled with amazing results. It is not for everyone. Some are so addicted to average, ordinary and instant gratification that the beautiful life is a blur in the distant horizon. Don't let that be you, not anymore. There are countless people who will benefit from what you can offer the world. You have a limited time offer that expires at your last breath. An action is what makes heroes out of ordinary people. How will you begin this new journey toward fulfilling your deepest dreams and victories? Whatever it is, start today.

Kindly leave your comments below, I would love to hear how this resonates with you.

Until next week, Live large, my friends, live deliberately.
~~ Jim

If you happen to be in Huaraz during the next two weeks, be sure to stop by the National Institute of Culture Museum to see the Changes for New Hope photo exhibition entitled, 'œLife from Around the World'. There are some incredibly talented international photographers who have shared their images with us.

(Photo Courtesy of Life from Around the World)

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