Sunday Morning Special with Mr. Humanitarian

Sunday Morning Special with Mr. Humanitarian

Jim Killon

Sunday Sunshine- Who’s the New Guy?

Welcome to the new Sunday edition at Living in Peru! We knew that if you liked a little, you would love a lot (full 7-day coverage that is!). Or a little more ;). You have no idea who I am, so let’s fix that right away.

I am Jim Killon. My bio that is below, describes who I am. What I am is a powerful undercurrent that I want to share in my upcoming articles that you will see here each Sunday. You will also see stories about some incredible heroes that you probably have never heard of. I stepped off the plane in Lima in 2009. Eight years later and I am living in Huaraz where I have created a humanitarian project called Changes for New Hope which reaches several hundred children each year. What I have learned by being with these children and their families has been a deepened sense of my own compassion and love for humanity. Wealth is not measured by the accumulation of stuff. To recognize cash as the only measure of wealth is like recognizing potatoes as the only food.

There will be a tombstone with our names on it one day. The dash between our date of birth and date of death represents an entire life. Most float through life without finding a purpose. I want to make sure there are passionate experiences that bettered the lives of many thousands on my dash. I hope you will experience my articles; I want you to feel them and see them as a dynamic part of your Sundays. I want you to walk away smiling and feeling great about the good folks that you are going to read about. I am honored to share their stories and many of my own here in Living in Peru. It is the people who refuse to pull the ladder up behind themselves, those who have made it in life but remember the people who are still disadvantaged, that have touched our lives and made us consider what more there may be for us*.

I’ll see you next Sunday right here. Live large, my friends, live deliberately.

Jim Killon is a U.S. born humanitarian, author/writer, exhibited artist and life enhancement coach. He arrived in Peru in 2009 and created Changes for New Hope, an NGO that has reached thousands of children living in destitution. His first e-book, A Gringo in Peru-A Story of Compassion in Action, shares his experiences of the first years arriving in a new and unfamiliar country and developing his project. He has exhibited his artwork with the art of the project’s children in several venues, four in national museums. He now produces The Changes for New Hope Humanitarian Awards Magazine, monthly, which recognizes humanitarians around the world and raises awareness for their projects. The Changes for New Hope Humanitarian Award is an annual event. Click here for his website.

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