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Peru, where progress equals whiteness?

A question and conversation worth having. Start off your Monday with this thought-provoking subject matter. Digest the material and leave your constructive feedback in the comments below.

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Saturday Morning Green Juice with the Editor

You're regular Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru will be back shortly!

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PArC and ArtLima 2017

PArC and ArtLima or When Lima Dresses Up in Art

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Behind the scenes of the Concrete Jungle Foundation

Find out the story behind its creation and get to know the founder!

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Denver Zoo: Women's cooperative in Puno

Local women’s collective and Denver Zoo band together to work on conservation efforts at Lake Titicaca.

5 Healthy post workout snacks

Everyone loves to snack, but why not snack on something healthy? Read about 5 snacks that will get you through your post workout.

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Peru, a racist state?

From a Peruvian-born academic point of view, what does racism look like in Peru?

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Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru

Carsten Korch Dear Friends, Happy Easter! Hope you, your friends and family are having a peaceful time wherever you are. Here in Lima, the sun is still shining, but the